Our Gallery

Well over twenty years ago, I made the decision to move from California to the incredible artistic community of Taos, New Mexico. In addition to a beautiful setting and mild seasons, Taos has over twenty-two hundred working artists -- a higher percent of artists than anywhere else in the western world.

Working with the brilliant Santa Fe architect, Jeff Harnar, we designed a twenty-five-hundred square foot, state of the art darkroom and studio on the lower level of my future gallery. The following year, we completed a six thousand square foot, three story, ultra modern art space over  the studio. Both the gallery and studio have won numerous awards and have been featured in national magazines.

Today, I spend most of my waking hours in my studio, working with my assistants to create the fine art seen on this web site. Because the upstairs was created to be a gallery that could be lived in, I have opened most of the unique space as a Taos gallery, showing my photography, as well as the art from other famous photographers from around the world. We also feature a unique collection of blown glass items and glass sculpture, as I believe fine glassware complements the hanging art.

Eight years ago, Jeff and I worked together again to create an aquatic pond, stream and garden on the three acres that surround the gallery.

The gallery and gardens are opened ten to five every day during the summer (winter Thurs. / Fri. / Sat./ Sun.) and, most of the time, I am able to give studio tours to those interested in the unique kind of photography that is created in this incredible facility.

Come see the gallery at 235 Morada Lane in Taos, NM 87571. Click here for contact information.